These are the general rules for all our events.
Events that are organised by other organisations (e.g. Active) might be subject to further rules and regulations. Such events have separate application forms, mostly on external websites, where the applicable regulations are specified.

Some events might have extra rules (e.g. curfew.) Those are listed in the event application.

Most of the following rules should be taken as a relative given. However they are listed here, to prevent misunderstandings and establish clarity.

Apart from that every participant agrees to the general terms and conditions.
General terms and conditions (only in German): ARB

Our events are meant to bring together people, connect them and offer a platform to share experiences and learn from each other. Participants are therefor obligated to interact openly and honestly. Bullying, especially making fun of someone or scaring others is not allowed.
Please always consider that we are all there to have fun and a great experience!

Juvente pursues the political goals peace, friendship and independence together with Active and other European partner organisations.
Participants in our events must not damage those goals during an event. Especially forbidden is bringing inhuman or unconstitutional pamphlets and material or other documents, that contradict the goals of Juvente - except they are relevant for a seminar topic and have been approved by the organizers.
It is also not allowed to drink alcohol, smoke or take drugs during our events.

Pictures and photographs
Taking photographs and videos is only allowed for private use. Press or commercial use is only allowed after permission was given by the Juvente board.
Participants in our events automatically agree that photographs and videos of them are published on our website in the gallery. It is possible to request deletion or obscuration of photos afterwards - the event organizers have to be contacted for that.

Seminars are funded by beneficences and public funds. They are meant to educate and train young people. Seminars aren't a holiday, but an educational program. Therefor participants are obligated to stick to the timetable and schedules and to participate productively during workshops and sessions.

Violation of rules
If participants break rules, the organizers can declare a formal warning. Repeated rule breaking can be sanctioned by exclusion from event activities (e.g. excursions, city trips or movie evenings)
In extreme cases participants can be send home early on their own expenses.


We store IP address of a user together with the visited subpage (url) and the time for at least six months. That data will not be given to any third party. We use the data for internal statistics, to improve website navigation and structure for a better browsing experience.

Participants of our events agree automatically to publications of pictures in our picture galleries. However, it is possible to request the deletion or obscuration of personal images. To do so contact the event organizer or use the contact page.

By uploading pictures to our gallery the uploading person guarantees that they own all rights to the pictures and grant us revocable nonrestrictive rights of use for the pictures.

Events / Participant data
By entering and submitting personal data in the application form for our events (camps, seminars etc.), the data is being transmitted to Juvente and is used by Juvente for the purpose of participation and organizing the camp.

The first name and the first letter of the last name of all participants of an event are being published under "participants" on the page of the event. The names are ordered alphabetically by first name.

In the case of events, that are sponsored by other entities, those entities might get the first and last name, the birthdate and the city of all participants as proof of the amount of participants. In such a case the entities are mentioned in the description of the event. Other data will not be transmitted.

Participant data will be stored at least one year after the event took place. We usually keep the data in order to extract statistics about our past events. However participants may request the deletion of the data after the year has expired by contacting the board.

We store personal data of members during their membership. Personal data will never be given to any third party. Members have at all times full access to their data and control over it and over who will be able to see it. When membership ends the deletion of all personal data may be requested by the former member after one year by contacting the board.

Members can end their membership at any time without reason.

Members may get an email address with pattern This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Access to that email address is either by unencrypted POP3 and SMTP or by forwarding mails to the registered email address of a member.
Juvente provides this service for free as is. There is no guarantee for data integrity or unlimited availability.
Juvente guarantees that Juvente or any of its affiliates will never read or modify emails or send emails to third parties by Juvente, except this is requested in the email header fields.